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Esport Qualifying + Short Stint pack

Lamborghini Huracan GT3 Evo II - Donington Park (UPDATED 29/06/2023)


  • Qualifying setup
  • 25 min stint race setup (works also for 45 min with pit stop, tyre change recommended)
  • Data pack

Setup notes:

  • This quali setup (at the time of writing) holds AOR lamborghini lap record in this patch
  • The race setup is considerably easier to handle and can be used for quali if you have trouble with the quali set

Data pack notes:

  • Old hairpin does have alternative line where you go on the exit grass and pray for a good TC RNG which is potentially worth almost a tenth, but not worthwhile outside of super sweaty hotlaps
  • If you have the cabability to multitask, juggling TC for the last sector hairpins is 100% worth it
  • Race data pack is meant to display smooth & fast inputs, not absolute max pace. This setup might dip into 25s with LFM race fuel loads, especially in colder temps.


Setup philosophy

Pushing the sliders to the max (sometimes literally) in pursuit of the absolute fastest laptimes. These are not beginner friendly setups, but they are indeed real setups with no sandbagging.

You can contact me via Discord (Temetias#5870) if you have issues with the setup or want tips to tailor it aggro or safer.


  • No changes to the car in 1.9.4 at this track. Same set works
  • 29/06/2023 - Updated Q setup and added R setup. New Q setups considerably easier to drive as some of the meta stuff was toned back as they're not all quite worth it


Erstellt am

LamborghiniLamborghini Huracan GT3 EVO 2
Donington ParkDonington Park
  • 23 °C
  • 27 °C
  • Qualifying1:25.580

LamborghiniLamborghini Huracan GT3 EVO 2
Donington ParkDonington Park
  • 23 °C
  • 27 °C
  • Rennen1:26.307
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