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New Features on A Game Changer for Simracing Enthusiasts

2023-05-17By: Nils Naujoks

We are excited to announce the launch of new features on, your go-to platform for simracing data analysis. Our latest update introduces a range of new channels that will help you understand your car's performance better and improve your driving skills.

Customizable Data Analysis Charts

Our new features allow subscribers to customize their data analysis charts, providing a more personalized and in-depth understanding of their performance. The new channels include:

  • Wheel slip
  • Tire pressure
  • Tire temperature
  • Wheelspeeds
  • Turbo boost
  • Brake temperatures
  • Electronic settings of the car like ABS, traction control, and brake bias
  • Life left on brake pads and discs

Advantages of the New Features

These new features offer a multitude of benefits for both novice and experienced simracers. They provide detailed insights into your car's performance, helping you make informed decisions about car setup and driving techniques. Whether you're learning to drive better or setting up your car for a race, these features will be invaluable.

For example, understanding your car's wheel slip and tire pressure can help you optimize your driving style for different track conditions. Monitoring brake temperatures and the life left on brake pads and discs can prevent unexpected failures during a race. The ability to analyze the electronic settings of your car like ABS, traction control, and brake bias - and comparing how a pro changes these settings over the course of a lap - can lead to a more efficient car setup and faster lap times.

Join Our Subscription Plan

To access these new features, sign up for our subscription plan. As a subscriber, you will have full access to our advanced data analysis tools and the ability to customize your charts. Join us today and step up your simracing game. To subscribe, visit It's 5€ per month or 50€ per year and holds even more features like participation in the bonus program, ability to compare data to team mates and simply save more laps!

The functionality is also available through the Coach Dave Academy Data Subscription (makes most sense when also having the CDA Setup Subscription!) is committed to providing the best tools and resources for simracing enthusiasts. Stay tuned for more updates and features!


Spot pressure losses!


Updated colors during comparison


New insightful data channels


Organize your own chart


Spot and address issues

rFactor 2 Integration

2023-05-01By: Nils Naujoks

You might have already noticed that your recorder has downloaded an update to version 1.10.

The tool is now capable of recording rfactor 2 telemetry and display everything the same way you are used to from our Assetto Corsa Competizione integration. 


  • In the installation directory of Popometer (AppData/local/popometer/) you will find a popometer_rf2_plugin.dll.
  • Please copy this into your rFactor 2 installation folder: \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\rFactor 2\Bin64\Plugins. 
  • Once in the game navigate to the settings and make sure the plugin is set to "on" (if it wasn't you will need to restart the game after activating it).

    Now you are set and the laps should pop up in your profile. Make sure you are in the rfactor 2 tab on the main page of our website to see the rf2 laps. Please note that the shared memory has a bit of delay, so the tool will appear to not register the game/track/car until a few seconds onto the track. 

    We will create the track maps as data packs are created for them. You will however still be able to see your line and compare it to yourself and others regardless of whether or not the track map has been created. Due to the huge variety in content of rf2 there will likely be inconsistencies in the naming of tracks and cars. Please let us know, so we can merge those data base entries to keep everything clean. Feel free to ping us if you come across any errors so we can address them asap.

    Enjoy the tool and I hope it comes at great value to fans of the game.

    We are already recording many more channels than are currently shown. In the background we are working on advanced telemetry channels to be displayed for subscribers soon.


New Reward System

2023-04-19By: Nils Naujoks

While you are all out there enjoying the 1.9 update (see an overview of the changes in the article below this one) we also made an update to the site:

There is now a pretty thought through reward system. Every subscriber to the service is an affiliate now, able to earn points for

  • every purchase you make
  • every purchase someone makes using your link (and planting the cookie that remains active for a month).
  • (more earning options coming)

Every 100 points you will get a free data pack of your choice. Excess points are kept (e.g. you have 120, then you get a free pack + 20 points carry over, so nothing is ever lost, bugs permitting)

Here's the overview of points, we'll add more incentives over time once the system proves to work as intended:

Additionally, if you are a bigger creator we can change that affiliate system to earning from every sale rather than collecting points. Message us if that is more likely your case!

You can see your current standings in the right column.

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