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Porsche 911 RSR GTE Fixed | Algarve International Circuit


Porsche is very decent around Algarve, just a bit tail happy on entries but quite nice on traction and overall speed.
This datapack aims to help you achieve better laptimes and driving techniques, aligned together with telemetry and onboard video! Espero que goste :)

General Driving Tips

  • T1-4: Put the car over the left-curb to setup corner entry. Threshold braking right when the drainage start beside the curb, aim to carry good speed after driving around T1 big curb, but not too much to risk an offtrack by overshooting it. Stay tight into T2. Setup T3 braking by aiming wide into the left curb, so you can have a better entry and tighter exit into T4, which is crucial to carry good momentum towards backstretch (keep it tight when tackling T4 left curb)
  • T5: Threshold braking at 100m board, try to be aligned with the right white line when braking, use a wider entry line and trailbrake deep into the hairpin, so you keep tight on exit and have better speed

  • T7-8: Attack T7 with slight braking so you can point the car towards T8 braking point (4th gear is good when going through T7). Smooth Braking into T8, keeping it tight on the right curb, and going on power towards the left-hand side (since its uphill it helps the car to plant and gives better traction)

  • T9-11: Brake right after the crest in the middle of the track and try to carry speed into T10, so its better to position to your car to tackle this late-apex corner (try to be early on throttle so helps with rotation for the late-apex)
  • T12-14: Threshold Brake before the white horizontal paint marker outside the right curb, use a wider entry line and trailbrake deep into the hairpin, important to apply throttle smoothly to rotate the car, and point it towards T14 left curb, then, you brake diagonally focusing on a wide entry to tight exit, again, smooth throttle to rotate and carry good speed towards the last corner T15

  • T15: Maximize track width, so you have wide angle to attack the right curb in the middle of it (put right tires over the curb is possible, so you minimize travel distance). Shortshifting to 5th helps stabilizing the car when attacking the curbs, avoid overdriving it towards the exit so you dont invalidate your lap 

Brake Bias: 53.5%
Traction Control 2
TC Power cut 2     
TC Slip Angle 7

Erstellt am

Porsche 911RSR-19 2023
Algarve International CircuitAlgarve International Circuit
  • 25 °C
  • 42 °C
  • Rennen1:39.972
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