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Popometer is more than a Setup service. Our focus is always the telemetry and its comparison to improve you as a driver.

The free membership
allows you to compare your best laps to those within the purchased data packs. We will store your 3 best laps per combo. If you improve your lap the slowest of your fastest laps on that combo will be replaced.

The Pro Membership
allows people to create teams to share data between its members (all members will need the Pro subscription). This should be useful for already very fast professionals who want to compare to their team mates, but also comes in handy for coaching groups or similar purposes. Members of the group can select the laps that will be available to the group. Additionally the storage per combo is increased to 10 laps.

The Ultimate Membership
is not yet available. However, it will come with even more features.




Compare data between your own laps or with laps of purchased data packs of professionals.



Monthly Sub

Same access as Free membership. Additionally compare data within groups/teams and store 10 of your fastest or manually selected laps per combo.



Monthly Sub

We have more features planned in the future, like advanced telemetry channels and more beautiful track maps. Stay tuned!

coming soon
General access to data recording and comparison
Compare to your own lines and inputs
Compare to lines and inputs of purchased data packs
Compare to other members in groups/teams
Laps per car/track combo stored310100
Charge account and save up to 63% on data packs
Reward & Affiliate participation
Advanced telemetry channels
Data Pack Bundles
Automated analysis
More track maps
Book and conduct 1on1 coachings through Popometer (not yet available)
A lot more to come!

Charge Account

You can now charge your account when you are a member. Purchase now and activate desired packages later at a discount!

5 Data Packs



Charge your account with 5 data packs and activate later.
€4.00 per pack

10 Data Packs



Charge your account with 10 data packs and activate later.
€3.50 per pack

20 Data Packs



Charge your account with 20 data packs and activate later.
€3.00 per pack

50 Data Packs



Charge your account with 50 data packs and activate later.
€2.00 per pack

subscription feature

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