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Donington ParkDonington Park
  • Time1:25.265
D. Wiersma
23 °C28 °C
MercedesMercedes-AMG GT3 2020
  • Time1:42.790
Coach Dave Academy
23 °C27 °C
PorschePorsche 992 GT3 R
Donington ParkDonington Park
  • Time1:25.497
Coach Dave Academy
23 °C27 °C


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NEW Feature!

2022-08-21By: Nils Naujoks


People using Popometer and recording many laps makes us very happy. However, we are simply running out of storage. This means we are making saving laps part of the subscription to be able to on our end subscribe to more storage. It will still be FREE to save up to 3 laps per car/track combo. The subscription is now available here.

The 5.00 € Pro subscription will allow you to save up to 10 laps per car/track combo. A future Ultimate subscription will allow even more laps to be saved.

Automatically we will be saving your 3 (or 10 respectively) fastest laps per combo. With the subscription you can select to save specific laps in your laps list. Then we will only overwrite the remaining slots with faster laps.

We are not going to charge without new features, though. We always want to bring more value when we go for your pocket (well, not want to but have to, let’s face it ;) ). That’s why we’ve been working to create the new Team/Group functionality.


Once you have become a subscriber, you will be able to create/join one team or group via the new “Teams” button in the menu. Once the team is created, you will find an invitation link on top of the teams page. Pass that on to your mates. Whoever clicks the link will appear as a request to the team owner, before being allowed access to the group’s laps.

Members of a group will now also see a share icon next to their laps in the laps list. Clicking that will share that lap immediately with your team. Your shared lap will automatically also count towards your 10 saved laps for that combo.

Once you are reviewing a lap of your own you will now also find shared laps of team members on the same track in the compare dropdown. Or you can go to your Team and click on the “laps” tab there to view a list of all shared laps within that team.

Expect the possibility to join multiple teams in the ultimate subscription. That’s still a while out, though!

Also the subscription is a needed revenue stream for the project. Our aim always is to make it viable for the creators to offer their setups and data here instead of elsewhere, which is why the creators get a large share of every purchase you make - that’s before tax and fees kick in. In light of the latter, we will hopefully soon add the option to charge your account with data pack activations up front in order to reduce the number of transactions, which should allow us to save fees and pass on the lowered cost of each transaction.

As always, let us know if you come across any issue, we hope the new feature comes in handy!

We are live!

2022-06-13By: Nils Naujoks

What is is a new telemetry and setup platform for Assetto Corsa Competizione (PC). Its aim is to help drivers improve by showing them exactly what they are doing differently than faster drivers. We will provide tutorials on how to read and interpret the data, so you understand how to spot the problem.

Popometer Telemetry

How does it work?

We provide a small recording tool that will run in the background. It will collect basic information while driving like speed and driver inputs. Just run the tool and forget about it. All laps driven with the tool running will appear in your profile and are ready to be reviewed after a small processing phase.

Creators: Comparing to Pro Drivers

We are working with many known professional drivers on ACC, who will create “Data Packs”.
A “Data Pack” always includes at least 1 Setup and a reference lap with that setup. Once you purchase a “Data Pack” you will be able to compare your laps against those of the professionals. Similar to other software like Motec you will see:

  • Speed
  • Steering
  • Pedals
  • Gears

Unlike other software you will be able to see exactly where the pros are placing the car on track, where they are starting to steer, brake and accelerate.



We are combining the best of other similar services out there:
Creators are free to create whatever data they want or how many setups will be included in a package.

For example they can create packages with fast and unstable setups for the competitive drivers, yet they can also provide setups catered towards drivability and endurance, or simply for less experienced drivers - ideally there is a setup available for everyone. The platform shares the bigger part of the revenue with the creators.

As opposed to motec, does not need any understanding of the software and only takes seconds to set up, while reducing information to those relevant for driving. Because we do not know what car/track combinations are most desired, you can request certain Data Packs and our creators will see which are asked for the most.

Features in the future

While the platform is rolled out to the public with the most basic function, we already have a roadmap ahead, including but not limited to:

  • Intra-team comparison
  • More pricing options
  • More payment options
  • Quick zoom into specific track sections
  • TC/ABS readings
  • Automated hints based on your driving patterns
  • Notifications about requested Data Packs becoming available
  • Coaching bookings
  • Adding support for more games
  • More languages
  • General improvements to usability and visualization


Become a creator and earn

Right now we are already working with several experts on specific cars like the AMG, BMW, Porsche or Bentley. However, to cover all cars, if you are an expert on a certain vehicle (setup and driving wise), let us know and we’ll see if you can become a creator.

If you are very good with setups, but your driving isn’t the best of the best, feel free to reach out anyway and we’ll have a pro driver pick up your setup to create a Data Pack.


Like with any software we expect to experience issues and come across various bugs. Please let us know on Discord under the Popometer section in #bug-n-issue-reports if you come across anything that needs addressing.

Discord link:

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