rFactor2 Setups & Telemetry

Recentely LowFuelMotorsport added rFactor2 to their daily hosting.

While there's a fixed setup Renault Alpine series, there are also GTE, LMP or GT cars that certainly require some mechanic skills.

We reacted quickly and implemented rFactor2 to our structure.

Right now we can upload Setups, Replays and motec files. Our tool needs yet to be updated to support our own visualization and the track maps and driving line you are used to. We are working on changing this, so in the mean time we rely on motec data. A workbook can be found on the discord in #workbooks for the motec files to display correctly.

We are working on clearing the blanks in the data base for all possible rf2 track and car combos, but it might take some time to fill. Keep using the request function, so we know what to focus on!

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