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Mclaren 720S evo GT3 | Suzuka Qualy + Race setup

Dario iemmulo


1X qualy set  

1x race set  (30 min stint, 56L) 

 McLaren around Suzuka as a good handling due to his high rear downforce that make the car safe in entry corner even if it may struggle a bit in traction zone and it actually need a bit of commitment to be fast but with a good compromise of setup the car can be a safe and fast choice for this track, you must don't use the first gear at all on traction (if not for the last corner) because is just slower, in the hotlap i used TC OFF for the entire track but it's not necessary at all so i suggest to use TC1 or even TC2 (consider to try TC 0 only if you feel confident and you want to find the last tenth in your laptime becuase i'm quite sure it's not worth more than a tenth) , same for race setup and for the race at least consider to use an higher BB value in order to have a safe braking.

Setup Adjustements

  • You can adjust TC, ABS and BB if you're struggling
  • In case of stability issues:
  • Reduce Rake (lower rear)
  • Reduce front bump stop range or consider to increase the front bump stop rate or increase the rear bumpstop range

for everything you can contact me on discord --> darioiemmulo


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Game Version

McLarenMcLaren 720s GT3 Evo
  • 23 °C
  • 27 °C
  • Replay File
  • Qualifying1:57.602

McLarenMcLaren 720s GT3 Evo
  • 23 °C
  • 31 °C
  • Race1:58.255
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