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Oulton Mustang GT3 LFM Sprint

D. Wiersma

This is my take on the Mustang, i like to drive it as close as possible to the M4.

You can run tc3/tc7, but it might hurt laptime. 

Try to be easy on the throttle in the first 2 gears, it has a lot of power and no Turbo lag.


TC and Brake bias are personal prefference.

If you run in to oversteer problems, try to stiffen front roll bar, lower the rear ride height or go down on rear toe.

For questions feel free to DM me on discord.

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FordFord Mustang GT3
Oulton ParkOulton Park
  • 22 °C
  • 26 °C
  • Qualifying1:31.667
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