The combo that solves your ACC needs.

Coach Dave Academy was the first setup service for ACC. A professionally organized team of engineers and drivers systematically create, maintain and update setups on a regular schedule - staying on top of physic changes, new discoveries and customer demands. 
From today, you will be able to review, compare and analyse their laps on Popometer with a new, separate subscription.

This is coming in handy for everyone who wants a one size fits all solution. CDA's setup subscription (10€/month) paired with their data more easily accessible through the new CDA Data subscription on Popometer (5€/month). Combined, you are all sorted for 15€ a month (cheaper with yearly sub). Period.

Once you subscribe, you will have access to all CDA related laps on Popometer. The data pack list will then be filtered for you by CDA Packages (you can remove the filter, if needed) and if you load one of your own laps, CDA reference times will be available from the comparison drop down. Of couse comparison is always best if you drive with the same setup, hence we highly recommend also getting the CDA Setup subscription.

As you know there are about 400 car/track combinations on ACC. Currently, there are BMW, Bentley and Ferrari laps already accumulated with more combos appearing every week as CDA works through updating all car's setups. 

Additionally to the data, all subscribers will be able to create or join a team to share laps with others, as well as receiving more laps storage.

All you need to do (if you haven't already) is to register, download the recorder and subscribe. If you have any trouble head over to our discord and we'll help. 

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