Affiliates & Rewards

We want to bring Popometer to ever more people to help them become better drivers. Hoping that many of you are happy with the service in general, we give every subscribed user the option to benefit if you spread the word and new users join the service.

A platform wide points system will give you free data packs each time you reach 100 points. A status bar in the top right corner will indicate your current points, as well as the amount of available free packs.

There are two ways to earn points:

  1. Through your personal and new affiliate link you will get points when new users join the service and do a purchase.
  2. Every purchase YOU make will also give you points

If you have reasonable reach and will likely refer many people, we offer to switch to a 10% share on all purchases (please get in touch).

Affiliate - referring new users

As a subscriber you will find a personal referral link in your profile. The cookie will remain active for 30 days. If the new user coming through your link makes a first purchase within that time, you will be rewarded points. If that user will later make another purchase different than the initial one, you will get even more points! E.g. if the new user subscribes, you get points. If that user buys a setup, you will also get points and if the user additionally charges their account, you will get points as well.

Affiliate Purchase               Points
1-Month Subscription 33
1-Year Subscription 200
CDA Data 1-Month 20
CDA Data 1-Year 120
Single Data Pack 20
Charge Account

Revenue Share - Affiliate

For streamers, content creators and the like, we offer to share revenue with you. Due to different international taxation based on the origin of the customer and due to variations in payment fees, we cannot provide a precise number. However, after deduction of tax and payment fees we'll automatically add 10% of the remainings to your account. 

Rewards - Purchases

You will also earn points for every purchase you make yourself. 

Own Purchase                     Points
1-Month Subscription 20
1-Year Subscription 300
CDA Data 1-Month 10
CDA Data 1-Year 150
Single Data Pack 10
Charge Account

Any free packs earned from reaching the 100 points will immediately be available. Just click the download button on a desired package and a prompt will ask you to pay or use the free activation. If a latest purchase or affiliate leads to more than 100 points, excess points will remain. E.g. if you have 90 Points and another 30 are added, you will get a free pack and keep 20 points on the status bar.

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