iRacing comes to!

Today, we're releasing iRacing support to the public in line with the start of 2024 Season 1. 

Our service has proved more than successful on Assetto Corsa Competizione and constant positive user feedback encouraged us to keep extending our offer to ever more games.

After plenty of testing and work it's now time to fully support the most popular of all sim racing titles. 

We will carry over our pricing model from ACC to set us apart from the competition with a combination of subscription and individual purchases. Without subscription you will be able to compare to your own laps or against data from single purchased data packs (5,50€). A 7 day free trial of the Pro Membership including all (except the price reduction) features is available once for everyone.

All our current data packs will come from BS+COMPETITION drivers - with up to 10.000 iRating!

With the subscriptions you will unlock the below.


What you get with the Popometer Pro Membership

  • Pro membership for 5€/month or 50€/year
    • reduced single pack purchases (4,50€)
    • data pack bundles (e.g. data for a car or class for the entire season calendar)
    • charge your account with 5, 10, 20 or 50 data packs to unlock whatever and whenever you need it
    • Share data in Teams/Groups
    • automatically highlighted, much easier comparison of apexes and slowest points in corners - the most crucial and easiest to work with insight to improve your lap times
    • Store up to 10 laps per track/car combo (automatically we'll save the quickest, but you can overrule)
    • advanced telemetry channels to build your own array of channels in a single sheet
    • (not ready this week, but asap you will be able to create multiple sheets choosing from all available data channels to extract the information you need)
    • reward system: every purchase and every referral adds reward points to your account. Every 100 points you earn a free data pack of your choice.


Coach Dave Academy Partnership

We are also continuing our partnership with Coach Dave Academy. If you already have the CDA Setup Subscription or are looking for a single subscription for both iRacing and ACC Setups, while getting access to all features of their Delta software (setup sync, stint analysis and much more) - we host all their telemetry data through our CDA Data Sub for just 5€/month or 50€/year. The features are the same as in our Pro Susbcription (apart from reduced purchases)

With the CDA Data Sub on Popometer you get immediate access to more than 1000 Data Packs for both iRacing and ACC that complement CDA's setups from their own CDA Delta Subscription.


Cover your iRacing and ACC setup and telemetry needs with CDA Delta + Popometer's CDA Data Sub - they truly form a one size fits all solution for ambitious sim racers, who aren't tribal about the game they play. 

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