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Longbeach - Indycar Dallara IR-18 1:07.253


Quali and race setups focused towards car balance. Especially on the rear end off the brakes and on throttle

No P2P during the hotlap

Race setup is an adaptation of the quali setup with more oil and water engine acooling and focused towards keeping the brakes in working temperatures.

Turn 1 :

Focus on hitting the right braking point just 10m before the number 300 yard board. No margin to error here.

Once mid corner do not eat too much of the inside kerb you only have to hit the flat part of the kerb.

Shift down to second gear once you hit the apex and be progressive on throttle for the exit. Use all the track allowed at the exit. You tires should be somewhere between the white line and very close to the wall.

Turn 2 :

This half roundabout is very tricky. You have to brake in a straight line. I use the yellow line in the middle to as a braking mark. The perfect barke point is when the car is about to cross the yellow line. Hug the inside as much as possible in order to position you car in a straight line at the exit. Do not overuse the throttle on exit you have to be getnle to avoid wheel spin. Also keep in mind that you are also turning a bit left with the exit so keep it straight and be carefull on throttle.

Turn 3 :

Brake and turn simultaneously exactly when below the 100 yard board.To be taken in second gear Do not over turn as you can go on the high part of the kerb and would give you a messy exit and a loss of speed mid corner.

Maximize your line on exit. The track is going down a bit so be aware of the understeer that you might face.

Turn 4 :

Going up, the oversteer is really a challenge in this corner. You need to take it in second gear and cut just a little bit as shown in the video otherwise you would invalidate.

Braking point is just before the 100 yard board.

Turn 5 : 

The trickiest of the whole track for me, to be taken in second gear as well the braking point is on the red "king taco" signs. Make sure to press you brake pedal enough as you are going down hill and stopping the car is not as obvious as in a flat corner.

hit the apex on the flat kerb and accelerate progressivelly as you approach more and more the outside wall. Watch out for exit understeer.

Turn 6 : 

Braking mark is the palm tree just before the 200 yard board. Shift down to 2nd gear again and reach out to the inside wall as much as possible. No track limits here, so you can cut as much as you can.

Turn 7 : 

At the 300 yard board brake and shift down to 2nd gear. You have to rotate the car to be able to cut the kerb (if over done you would invalidate).

Be carefull on throttle as you exit.

Turn 8 :

Cutting the inside kerb is also allowed, again not too much otherwise the lap would be invalid. The aim here is to keep the car on the inside as much as possible in order to open turn 9 which is a very tight hearpin.

Turn 9 :

The hearpin has to be taken on the inside as much as possible on first gear. Be carefull not to enter the corner with high speed as you would compromise you exit.

Progressive throttle on the exit is your friend, wheel spin is really easy to do when exiting.

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Dallara IR18
Long Beach GP Street CircuitLong Beach GP Street Circuit
  • 22 °C
  • 33 °C
  • Qualifying1:07.252

Dallara IR18
Long Beach GP Street CircuitLong Beach GP Street Circuit
  • 22 °C
  • 34 °C
  • Race1:08.551
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