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Indianapolis Road course- Indycar Dallara IR-18 1:11.672


Quali and race setups focused towards car increased rotation at corner entry and braking optimization.

No P2P during the hotlap

Turn 1 :

293 km/h at the straight, your braking point is exactly at the 300 yards board. You have to slam the brakes and max them out to 100% and then trail brake until the corner apex. It's very important that the braking phase ends just before the apex and that you give the car a little room to breathe and rotate with a very brief coast. The throttle application post apex should be progressive so watch out going too much on the outside otherwise turn 2 can be compromised. Turn 1 is better taken in 2nd gear.


Turn 2 :

Turn 2 is all about rotating you car with adjusting the throttle application before and in the corner. Don't use the brakes here as you would loose lots of time. Don't use too much of the kerb on the inside.


Turn 3 :

No real braking marks here, the corner is tricky to take as the braking phase is done while the car is already turning. You can hit 50% of the brakes as soon as the car is on 4th gear. Then you can coast the car until the apex, You have to wait until you feel that the car is well setteled mid corner in order to apply the throttle. Your exit line is on the middle of the track, don't use all of the track when exiting otherwise you would loose a lot of time in the next chicane.


Turn 4 & 5 (Chicane) :

Keep the car on the middle of the track, but make it point to the kerb on the right where the turn signs are to prepare a good corner entry on left hander of the chicane.


Turn 6 : 

284km/h down the straight, you have to brake at the 200 yard board and transition slowly from 3rd to second. Don't rush getting down to second until you are around the apex of the corner otherwise you will upset the car at entry.


Turns 7 and 8 :

Keep it in second for the right and left hander. Release the throttle to rotate the car in both turns. Do not exit to o much on the outside from turn 8 otherwise you would compromise turn 9 which is followed by a short straight.


Turn 9 : 

Very light kick on the brake to adjust the car speed coming into this corner. Your perfect entry position is in the middle of the track and you have to keep the momentum caried out from 7 and 8. Don't rush on the throttle on exit otherwise you would loose the rear. The aim here is to secure a smooth exit.


Turn 10 : 

Brake at the 400 yard board on the left at 263 km/h in 5th gear. Shift down to second and let the car rotate around the apex with a very breif coast moment, it will allow the car to turn and be as straight as possible for the exit.  Progressive on throttle, no need to rush the exit as you would need to sway back to the right to prepare for turn 11.


Turn 11 : 

Maximum brake pressure is about 20 to 25%. No real braking point here, I go by the feel on this corner but looking back at the replay you could use the last tree from right to left that is behind the tire walls. Open the corner as much as possible on the right. The corner is a late apex, so don't rush too much and dive early in there, you would have a messy exit afterwords.


Turn 12 : 

You don't have to lock the exit from 11 otherwise you would not be able to point the car to the middle of the track to have a confortable turn 12.

So turn 12 is flatout at one condition : Commiting to have clean exit from 11.


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Dallara IR18
Indianapolis Grand PrixIndianapolis Grand Prix
  • 22 °C
  • 33 °C
  • Qualifying1:11.672

Dallara IR18
Indianapolis Grand PrixIndianapolis Grand Prix
  • 22 °C
  • 32 °C
  • Race1:12.931

  • Race1:13.017
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