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Honda NSX EVO2 - Laguna Seca Q + LFM Sprint Race sets



- Quali setup + data (1:20.727)

- LFM sprint race setup (25min) + data (1:21.147)


- The quali set is made for pure pace and might feel sketchy on throttle. The main solution for this would be to increase TC1 by 1 click. Overall, I'd say that this set has everything it needs to be quick at laguna, quick in higher speeds, good on rotation, good on the brakes, etc. It will take a bit of time to get used to it though :D

- It's very biased to say this, but the Sprint race setup is a joy to drive. It's surprisingly good on the rear tires and it does everything you want it to do. If there is one issue that might occur with this set, is that the long left hander after the Corkscrew can be a bit snappy with wrong inputs, so be aware of that. You could lower the rear by 1 click to make it a bit safer there.


- The quali lap is the last lap of the replay file

- The LFM lap is the last lap of the replay file (added a file of a 21.0 but forgot to record it, still only 0.06 difference compared to the data)

Setup changes

Any general setup changes to decrease oversteer/improve stability:

- decrease the rear ride height

- decrease the rear anti-rollbar

- increase the differential

- decrease the front bumpstop range

- raise the front wheelrate

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Game Version

HondaHonda NSX GT3 Evo
Laguna SecaLaguna Seca
  • 23 °C
  • 28 °C
  • Qualifying1:20.727

HondaHonda NSX GT3 Evo
Laguna SecaLaguna Seca
  • 24 °C
  • 29 °C
  • Replay File
  • Race1:21.147
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Redaelli 5 months ago 5 months ago

Maybe I was setting and driving in a wrong manner, for the car to feel so different. So much rotation, such a high risk.

But once I got a hand on it, following the tips to get it safer, it became a joy.

And then enters the data, telling me I should trust the car to go faster in half a dozen corners and teaching me how to be fast. It's amazing how it helps.

Kudos to Stitch and creators! Cheers

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